Find out how we review and set the rent for your home.

Rent review


How is my rent reviewed?
We review your rent each year as part of our commitment to provide you with quality services and to keep homes in good condition.

As part of the review, we look at how affordable our rents are by comparing to other social housing providers and in relation to typical local incomes in the area.

Our rent setting policy has more information on how we set rents. For a copy of the Policy, please contact us.

What are the Government rules on setting rents?
The Government determines how social housing rents are set and changed. These rules apply to the majority of Riverside customers.

Between 2016 and 2019, most rents were reduced by 1% a year as required by the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016. Now that the requirements have come to an end, the Government is allowing social housing providers like Riverside to increase most rents by up to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) +1%. CPI is a commonly use measure of inflation.

For April 2020, this limit is 2.7% (as CPI in September 2019 was 1.7%).

For more information about rent setting, please see the Government website.

How is my rent spent?
We work hard to deliver value for money by spending efficiently, investing income from rents into services (including online customer service) and improving homes.

For example, last year we spent £59m on repairs and maintenance to keep homes safe and in good condition.

You can see a breakdown of how every £1 of rent is spent in our Annual Reports.

I’m struggling with my rent, where can I get help?
We can help you budget, access welfare benefits and support services, or put you in contact with other organisations who can help you.

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