Find out how we review and set the rent for your home.

Rent review


How is my rent reviewed?

Every February, we’ll send you a notice  setting your rent for the forthcoming financial year (April to March ).

In reviewing rents, we look at typical local incomes, the cost of maintaining homes, what we need to invest in improving homes and services, as well as comparing our rents to those of other social housing providers.

We also factor in Government and National Housing Federation guidance.

To read our rent setting policy in full, click here.

2024 increases and the Cost-of-Living crisis

For information on changes for 2024, please click here. This leaflet has also been sent to you via email or in the post.

Key dates

  • For monthly and weekly rent and charges, the changes will apply from 1 April 2024

What are the Government rules on setting rents?

The Government determines how social housing rents are set and changed. These rules apply to social housing  Riverside customers.

The Government allows social housing providers like Riverside to increase most rents by up to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) +1%. CPI is a commonly use measure of inflation.

This year the rents will increase by up to 7.7%.

How is my rent spent?

We work hard to deliver value for money by spending efficiently, investing income from rents into services and improving homes.

You can see a breakdown of how every £1 of rent is spent in our Annual Report.

I’m struggling with my rent, where can I get help?

If you struggle with, or expect to struggle with affordability, it’s vital you talk to us. We’ve made £500K available through our Helping Hand Fund which is designed to help customers experiencing financial or other challenges. Visit to get help and find out more or call our dedicated support team on 0800 529 8789.