Well-Fed Programme

Find out more about our Well-Fed Programme, where customers from Colshaw Farm and Langley can learn to cook from scratch.

Well-Fed Meal Boxes  

The Well-Fed Meal Box programme has been designed to make cooking from scratch as easy as possible. Each week you will receive 5 recipe packs as well as essential staple items such as bread, milk, eggs, butter and cheese.  

The Well-Fed Meal Box programme runs for
12 weeks. Your first 4 weeks are FREE and the following 8 weeks are charged at a discounted rate.  

Weeks  Small Families (2-4 People)  Large Families (6-8 People)  Individuals  
5-8  £10 (worth £45)  £20 (worth £90)  £5 (worth £23) 
9-12  £15 (worth £45)  £30 (worth £90)  £7.50 (worth £23) 


Please note Meal Boxes are only available for Riverside customers and completing this expression of interest will not guarantee you a place on the meal box programme.  Names will be selected at random.   

Slow Cooker Programme  

image of bag of foodThe Well-Fed Slow Cooker programme is a 4-week cooking course.  The Slow Cooker programme is only available to Riverside customers.   

Everyone receives a free slow cooker, a total of 8 recipe packs to cook at home and cookery lessons PLUS lots of useful hints and tips to help you make the most of your slow cooker.  

Customers can only participate in one aspect of the programme; Meal Box OR Slow Cooker Programme  

If you are a Riverside customer living within the Colshaw Farm and Langley Neighbourhoods, and would like to take part in the Well-Fed Programme, please click the button below.