Holly Bank House, York


Holly Bank House, 127 Holgate Rd, York, YO24 4DE  

There are 12 flats six of which lead out on to the garden in this scheme. Holly bank is set back in a quiet leafy suburb of York. Although near a main road the traffic is not audible and does not disturb customers. A five minute bus ride away is Acomb front street which boasts a huge array of shops such as butchers and green grocers. It is also home to a large super market Morrisons.

There are also banks and chemists situated here. Buses are frequent both to York city centre and Acomb front street and the bus stops are within easy walking distance. The building itself is a fairly modern building. Built in the 1970s The style of the building is contemporary, built over two floors. There is a large communal garden with lots of established trees and plants.

There is a bench but customers have balcony’s to their flats which they can sit out on. The scheme manager visits monthly and when needed. Each tenant is also provided with a personal alarm linked to a call centre managed 24 hours a day 365 days a year.