Health and housing: Together we can change lives and help the NHS


As hundreds of health professionals gather in Liverpool for NHS Confed, Riverside’s Head of Health and Care, Boaz Elieli, reflects on ambitious plans we have to develop new models of care…

How can housing solutions help tackle some of the key issues facing NHS providers?

At a fringe session this morning, on a panel with colleagues from Family Mosaic and Home Group, I spoke to an audience of NHS professionals about this very challenge.

We discussed some of the big issues facing the sector, including delayed discharge from hospital being on the rise; A&E attendances reaching record highs; and a lack of investment capital available to drive innovation.

As housing, care and support providers, we explained how we bring assets, capital investment and our long-standing experience in securing grant and contract revenues together to deliver preventative services that impact on the people that are hardest to reach yet are the biggest users of NHS services.

Key outcomes outlined included:

  • Reduced instances of avoidable hospital admissions (in Brighton by as much as 89%)
  • Reduced length of bed stays through step up/down mental health accommodation
  • Reducing levels of health inequality through engaging support and care

Boaz Elieli
Boaz speaking at NHS Confed17


Could your organisation work with us?

At Riverside, our new corporate plan includes a refreshed three-year commitment to support the local health economies we work in by providing step down accommodation and integrated ways of working across health and social care.

We are keen to start conversations with NHS providers or any like-minded organisations looking to work together. If you want an informal discussion, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact me on 07813 543560 or at [email protected].