A Bed Every Night, Withington LGBTQ+


A bed every night LGBTQ+ is a short-term accommodation service for customers that identify as being part of the LGBTQ+ community. The service comprises of 6 newly renovated self-contained flats with support available for customers between 10 am and 6 pm from Monday to Sundays.

The service offers supported accommodation scheme for customers aged 18 years and above that identify as being part of the LGBTQ+ community with complex support needs experiencing homelessness. During the time a customer lives in the service staff work with each individual to address any support and resettlement needs with a view to enabling the individual to live more independently in the future.

About the service

The service is focused on offering accommodation support to our LGBTQ+ customers to encourage them to feel welcomed, valued and to promote improvement in their self-esteem

Customers at ABEN LGBTQ+ will have access to:

  • A support worker who will support them to develop a support plan and work around their needs and make referrals to specialist services for specific needs such as substance misuse, domestic violence and mental health
  • Support around finding suitable accommodation through applications into appropriate accommodation; accessing resettlement funding and support around being tenancy ready
  • Advice and support around debt management and access to benefits
  • Support engaging with health services, including GP, hospital appointments, substance misuse services and adult Gender services
  • Advice on adhering to tenancy conditions and work on tenancy sustainment
  • Advice on personal safety and the safety and security of your accommodation
  • Help ensuring connection to utilities and other ‘setting-up home’ tasks, including preparing shopping lists and how to arrange repairs
  • Access to education, training, employment agencies and volunteering opportunities

Customers will be expected to be ready to engage with support to maintain their tenancy at the scheme while seeking more long-term independent accommodation suitable for their needs within 6 weeks.

Customers will receive support around their need and will develop a tailored support plan to enable them to find suitable long-term accommodation. Customers will benefit from accessing other support in the community from the appropriate organisations they may require. Additionally, customers will receive support to be tenancy ready; and set-up tenancy before being referred to floating support.

Customers will be able to access gender services and groups in the community to promote engagement with other services.

When we have a vacancy our partner agencies in Greater Manchester will be informed and can refer by using the ABEN referral form directly to the service.