Intensive Intervention service

Our Intensive Intervention service helps customers under 30 years old who may be at higher risk of losing their home and are struggling with their tenancy.

The service offers bespoke, tailored support to customers struggling with issues like:

— ill-health 

— debt

— problems with the benefit system

— redundancy 

— young customers with first time tenancies (particularly under 22 years old)

— rent arrears over £200 and climbing.

We’ve helped nearly 600 customers remain in their homes over the last two years. If you need help then contact us.

Our Intervention Team who work across the country tell us more about the service… 

What does a normal day look like?

Del says: “We work closely with multi-agencies to help our customers access support they need.”

Steph says: “Providing customers with money management or benefits advice, finding employment, liaising with support services and accessing funds for essential items for their home.”

What support do you give?

Megan says: “We work with customers to create a plan of what they need and how they can get there. It gives them an aim and helps them identify issues for themselves.  For many customers knowing how and where to get the right support gives them confidence to make the changes needed.”

What does the role mean to you?

Lindsey says: “A strong and sustainable community benefits from the inclusion and responds to the needs of all members, including those who may be vulnerable. We can make a positive difference to so many people’s lives.”

Abi says: “I’m keen to work with customers to make positive changes in their lives.”