Allpay direct debit transactions on Friday 8th September

On Friday 8th September, a fault with the Allpay payment service meant that duplicate payments were taken from some customers’ bank accounts. This was a system-wide fault with Allpay and has affected other housing providers and organisations who also use this payment service.

  • This incident affects customers who have signed up to direct debit and were due to have payments taken from their accounts on the 8th September only.
  • The refund process was instigated by Allpay the same day and all customers will receive a refund of the duplicated payment directly back into their bank account by Tuesday 12th
  • The refunded amount will be clearly shown on your statement.


  • Banks have been made aware that there has been an issue with Allpay transactions, which should therefore prevent bank charges from being issued.
  • If you have any queries regarding possible fines/bank charges relating to overpayments, please contact Allpay on 0844 225 5729 or [email protected] 

Allpay have apologised for this problem, and we fully appreciate the inconvenience and concern it has caused for many of our customers. We would like to reassure our customers that Allpay are putting things right as a matter of urgency.