Annual report to customers available now

Annual Report cover

We have published our  2015 annual report to customers to tell you how we are performing, celebrate our achievements and highlight where and how we need to improve.

This year, we have produced one report for all, with a dedicated section highlighting our work in care and support. This reinforces our commitment to offering a consistent level of service to all customers, wherever you may live and whatever support you need.

Riverside is benefitting from the positive contributions of our customer community. In particular, our scrutiny groups are really making a difference, looking at our services from a different perspective.

The last year was challenging for both Riverside and our customers and it seems there are still more challenges ahead. We are facing more cuts to welfare benefits, a reduction in our income and the prospect of selling our stock under a new Right to Buy.

We are tackling this by introducing more modern, cost-effective services, to give customers a better experience while ensuring every penny is well spent.

Our new website, launching soon, is particularly exciting, allowing customers to manage their own accounts online as well as, over time, making more of our services available at the click of a button.

We are also constantly reviewing the services we offer those needing extra support and we are exploring new opportunities in health and social care. Overall, our performance in key areas has shown a positive upward trend. We know there is more to do with regard to repairs and anti-social behaviour and this will be a focus for us in the coming year.