Bubbly Bethany sets her sights on seniority

Business Administration apprentice, Bethany Walsh, joined Riverside in July 2019.

A bubbly and outgoing member of the team, she’s already playing an important role as a member of our strategy and planning team at our Head Office in Speke.

The 21-year-old has enjoyed the role so much, she has now set her sights on a career in the sector which will allow her to make key strategic decisions.

Why did you apply to be an apprentice?
“I’d done administration work experience in the past for festivals and events and really enjoyed it. I saw the apprenticeship opportunity on Indeed (a leading job website), came along to the interview day and was so impressed by what was on offer. The chance to get my foot in the door of an organisation like Riverside and learn whilst I worked was fantastic.”

And why Riverside?
“The values really match my own morals. This, coupled with the structure of the programme, made it a good fit for me. This came out during the assessment day. Everything I learned about what Riverside do to help our customers made me want to be successful here.”

What are your key learning points so far?
“I love learning and the opportunity to research about the housing sector, for example how regulation has changed, interests me a lot. Recently, an assignment was brought to light within a governance and structure meeting I observed – allowing me to see theory play out in practice.”

How do you balance your study and work responsibilities?
“My manager and team are very supportive. I spend around 20 per cent of my time either on study or applying what I have learned in my role. I’ve also been given the chance to upskill in other areas that will support my career such as mental health training. I feel I’ve got a good balance between day to day work tasks and my academic apprenticeship responsibilities.”

If you could give one piece of advice to someone embarking on a apprenticeship, what would it be?
“Make sure you put the time in as the work can start to build up. You have to manage getting your work done – so plan ahead!”

What is your ultimate career aspiration?
“I’d love to reach a senior level and be able to make strategic decisions.”

Since the start of this financial year Riverside has welcomed 14 new hire apprentices and in total has 120 learners mid-programme.

We have spent almost a quarter of a million on development and to do so we have built strong partnering relationships with eight of the UK’s leading training providers from academic institutions such as Leicester and Sheffield Colleges to specialist providers such as Dutton Fisher, who have been fundamental to the rollout of our Housing/Property Management apprenticeship.