Over the last decade the UK homelessness sector has faced significant funding cuts, changes in how services are commissioned, and the introduction of significant new legislation alongside reforms in connected public services.

This research from Imogen Blood Associates with Professor Nicholas Pleace from the University of York’s Centre for Housing Policy draws on direct testimony from commissioners of homelessness services to identify some of the key impacts on the homelessness sector.

The report covers:

  • The National Policy context for homelessness services and supported housing
  • The effects on commissioners and providers of being asked to do ‘more with less’
  • Variations in how services are being commissioned
  • The impact of ‘Bitty short-term funding’ for rough sleepers
  • Factors which are enabling and sustaining innovation.

The report concludes by making recommendations across 5 key areas about what is needed de-traumatise the system.

Download the following documents here:


Executive Summary


At the end of April – look out for their new post-script to the original report which argues that we are now at a critical crossroads.

New research from @RiversideUK explores the impact of changes to commissioning of homelessness services in the last decade, and how we can improve them in the future.