Handel Wood, Liverpool

Handel Wood

Riverside has been working alongside Liverpool City Council to deliver the Mayoral pledge of building 2,078 new homes in Liverpool City by 2015. As part of that plan, our Handel Wood scheme sees the development of 2 two-bed houses for affordable rent and 7 for Shared Ownership.

The project forms part of our overall strategy to regenerate Lee Valley which also includes Joseph William Mews. Both developments will increase local housing supply to the community helping local residents stay close to their  network of family and friends.


Affordable rent 2 x 2bed/3person homes

Shared Ownership 7 x 2bed/3person homes

Total Scheme Cost: £1.2 million 

Site Type: Brownfield 

Key Funding Source: Homes and Communities Agency

Local Authority Area: Liverpool City Council 

Contractor: Prospect GB

Architects: DK Architects

Employers Agent: Identity Consult

Completion Date: March 2016