Hawthorne Road, Linacre Lane, Bootle

Hawthorne Avenue

Committed to offering better choices for neighbourhoods and the people who live in them, Riverside are working with Sefton Council to deliver a number of 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartment houses in Bootle, Liverpool.

The site, a four storey building, is Phase 3 of providing general needs accommodation in the area. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 are managed by the Mersey North Division with the houses and apartments being let to residents. With the increasing need for more housing choices due to governmental pressure, Riverside are able to deliver affordable accommodation that will assist residents unable to afford pay for the likes of the newly introduced ‘Bedroom Tax’.

Availability: 12 x 1bed/2person apartments 6 x 2bed/4person apartments

Total Scheme Cost: £1.7 million

Site Type: Brownfield

Key Funding Source: HCA

Local Authority Area: Sefton MBC

Contractor: Forrest Construction

Architects: Bluesky Architects

Structural Engineers: Curtin

Cost Consultant: Identity Consult

Start Date: February 2014   –   Completion Date: July 2015