Grounds Maintenance Update

Following consultation with customers, we’ve introduced new grounds maintenance contactors to manage our gardens and green spaces.

So far, we’ve had positive feedback from customers about the new service and contractors have said that they’ve received a warm and friendly welcome. However, in some areas we’ve seen some teething problems with various aspects of the service and we’re working to fix those. Here’s what we are doing:

Site maps – general service standards and regular visits

In some areas, customers have told us that some site maps are not correct and not all areas have been cut or maintained in line with the specification and schedule of attendance. We are working with our new contractors and teams to ensure all maps are correct, all areas are tended to as they should be and to generally ensure standards are met. Should you experience any issues, please email [email protected]

Managing the cost impact – grass collection

To help manage the cost impact to our customers, grass removal is no longer included in the contract specification and will instead be left to disperse naturally. Whilst the grass will be cut every two weeks between April and October when growth is expected to be at its quickest pace, it won’t be collected and removed.

This has led to some complaints and requests for us to revert to a grounds maintenance service which includes grass collection. However, due to increased costs to deliver that service, it would also lead to an increase in service charges for customers. This is something we are keen to avoid, bearing in mind the current cost-of-living crisis and effects of inflation on everyone, therefore we do not intend to make changes to the grass cutting service at this stage.

Next steps

Please be assured we are listening to what you have to say. Where we’ve had requests for a cut and collect service, we’ve logged them and will consider implementing a change early next year. This may require some consultation with customers. For example, checking to see if all customers in a specific area or block would like to see an additional service.

If you would like to request a cut and collect grass collection service for your property, please email [email protected]