Bolton Offenders Floating Support


How we help at Bolton Offenders Floating Support

Our floating support service offers housing related support to offenders ‘on license’ who are in their own accommodation or moving on from temporary housing.

We are a support service that will assist you to set up a tenancy and give you the skills to maintain the tenancy. We can also step in to help you with temporary support during crisis situations where a tenancy is at risk.

Gate Buddies Scheme

You’ll find:

  • A dedicated Support Worker who will develop a Support Plan with you to identify your needs
  • Referral to specialist services for specific needs such as substance misuse, domestic violence and mental health
  • Advice and support around debt management and access to benefits
  • Engagement with health services, including GP, hospital appointments and substance misuse services
  • Advice on adhering to tenancy conditions and work on tenancy sustainment
  • Advice on personal safety and the safety and security of your accommodation
  • Help ensuring connection to utilities and other ‘setting-up home’ tasks, including preparing shopping lists and how to arrange repairs
  • Access to education, training, employment agencies and volunteering opportunities

How it works

You will be male or female, aged 18 to 65, with an offending background or are at risk of re-offending, and ordinarily resident within the borough of Bolton.

You’ll have an identified support need. Referrals are via all support agencies that deal with offenders or you can self-refer.

Getting the most out of our service

  • You must be prepared to actively engage with a Support Worker; in return we will help build skills that will help you maintain your tenancy.
  • We will support you to engage with your local community, help build self-esteem and work with you to fulfil your aspirations.

Why we are different

Our dedicated team help address the challenges you face in life from welfare to employment, helping you develop domestic, social and life skills to enable independent living. Our aim is to empower you to break the cycle of homelessness.

66-68 Chorley New Road, Bolton, BL1 4BY

T: 01204 386010