Consultation on changing the way we serve customers

Changes to our frontline service mean customers will see us out and about in their neighbourhoods more than ever.

And if they’re not around, there are plenty of other ways to access services online and over the phone.

So we are consulting with customers and others about proposals to close the reception desk at offices in the North.

Details are being sent to customers in a service update, while community contacts and stakeholders are being contacted by our staff.

Why the proposed change?

Improvements mean we now have 40 per cent more housing officers working in neighbourhoods, so we are better placed to visit customers at home or somewhere more convenient if they need to see us face-to-face.

Fewer than two per cent of customers come to an office and many prefer to visit us online or ring us, which they can do 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We continually review our service to make sure it offers best value for the rent and service charges customers pay.

We believe it’s more effective to invest in providing services in neighbourhoods, online and over the phone. We are also continuing to work closely with a handful of customers who do visit the office more regularly, to understand what might work best for them.

With this in mind we are proposing to close the reception desk at the following offices:

  • Colshaw Farm by the end of March
  • Langley by the end of March
  • North Bransholme by the end of March

How can customers and stakeholders feedback?

We are keen to hear from anyone who has concerns, questions, comments or suggestions about the proposals. Please call us on 0345 111 0000 by Wednesday 21 February 2018.

Alternatively, please email [email protected] with your comments by the same date.