Hilltops House, London


How we help at Hilltops House

Hilltops House in Southwark provides accommodation and support to people who are homeless or at serious risk of homelessness over the age of 50, including those with challenging needs.

We offer safe and homely accommodation in a quiet suburb supporting those with issues around mental health or substance misuse, as well as age-related illnesses such as Dementia.

Substance Misuse picture

You’ll find:

  • Bedroom with fridge and kitchen cabinets, along with shared bathrooms and laundry facilities
  • Garden with outdoor seating and barbecue facilities in summer
  • Support staff on duty 24-7 with cord alarms in every room and regular daily checks
  • Regular training and skills development designed to boost well-being including IT classes, cookery skills, exercise classes, creative writing and gardening
  • One-to-one Support Worker who will work with you to identify your needs focussing on enabling greater independence
  • Signposting to external agencies for any specialist support such as drug or alcohol misuse or mental health needs

How it works

Hilltops House offers supported accommodation to the over-50s who are homeless or at serious risk of homelessness. Referrals are via the Local Authority.

There is no definitive length of stay, but we will work with local housing associations, residential homes and private landlords once you are ready to help you move-on to suitable accommodation, with follow-up support.

Getting the most out of our service

    • We offer recovery planning if you’ve recently experienced challenges with mental health issues or a discharge from hospital.
    • We work with you to create a person-centred Support Plan as an individual pathway to help you set new goals, plan activities, and develop relationships that increase independence.
    • You’ll get the skills needed to enable you to develop a better quality of life and greater independence.


Why we are different

Hilltops House prides itself on its flexibility, taking a person-centred approach. If your support needs are complex, we adapt our service and put in place measures to ensure you are safe and secure and receive the right level of support.

A friendly, open home, we listen and respond to you, with the ultimate aim to empower you towards independence and enhance quality of life.

104 Redpost Hill, London, SE24 9PW