Delivering digital training in Liverpool

Riverside trained local customers in Liverpool to develop their digital skills and help others in the community to get online.

James Sharpe, Regional Planning administrator and all round IT whizz has been delivering a six week training programme to customers who are on the local tenant group – City Region Voice. With the support of Riverside’s Formal Customer Involvement Team, James has been teaching the group how to set up an email, register for an online Riverside account and carry out internet searches, all on tablets provided by Riverside.

The three new digital champions are then able to use the tablets to help others in the community to access online services through Riverside website, use email, manage bills and make use of other online services that most of us take for granted.

Riverside has taken up this initiative to help those who will benefit from support to access online services.

Lorna Cotterill, Regional Project Officer said: “We’ve identified that some of our customers can’t access digital services because they don’t know how to. We know that they would benefit from some basic skills, so we thought it would be good to train some of our customers who can then be champions in their communities and help others learn and develop digital skills.”

If you’re a Riverside customers and would like to find out more about digital training then getting in touch with us on 0345 111 0000 or email [email protected]

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