John Bagot Close

We are currently working to create 12 new properties at John Bagot Close, in the Everton area of Liverpool. This page is designed to update customers and other key stakeholders on progress of the project.


What’s the latest?

As a result of some issues, we’ve terminated our contract with the original scheme developer. We will therefore be looking to appoint a replacement. In the meantime, we’ll secure the site and ensure it is safe. As we told you previously, when the original developer carried out the demolition, they found historic foundations from a hospital that was previously located on the site. That means the original proposal for the design of the foundations for the new build properties needs to be redesigned. The developer we appoint to replace the original developer will therefore need time to re-cost and re-evaluate the approach to this work. We will provide a further update as soon as possible.


Our work so far

This project has been in the planning stages since before the pandemic with the design team and planners working closely together to ensure we had a suitable design which met the expectations of all involved (customers, other local community stakeholders, the council and Riverside). We were met with some delays in the planning process which meant we had to make design changes. Following receipt of planning permission and finalisation of contracts, we started on site in March 2023, completing the demolition. We have been engaging with you, our customers throughout the process and surveyed rear gardens which will be improved as part of the works. We’ve also worked with some customers on assessing fire risks and on a range of other community issues. We’re now at the point of being ready to start to create the new building but, as stated above under “What’s the latest”, we’re working to overcome some challenges.


Project summary

The new development at John Bagot will consist of 8 two-bedroom houses and 4 one-bedroom apartments. Demolition of the previous block of flats that sat on the site, is now complete. Our proposals ensure that the concerns relating to anti-social behaviour are addressed and the scheme includes external works to the site. These include:


  • Improvements to existing rears gardens
  • Flights of steps and footpaths to improve step surfaces, lighting levels, natural visibility and surveillance.
  • To improve the estate entrance
  • To improve the parking areas, surrounding paving, retaining walls and planting


Key contacts

If you’re a customer and have questions about the scheme, you can contact us here.