Our marketplace

Responsible procurement

We maintain an ongoing commitment to CSR in centralised corporate contracts through tender opportunities. Every government Selection Questionnaire (SQ) or tender includes our standard requirements on Social Value and CSR.

Key guiding procurement principles, rules, procedures and templates enable a consolidated and professional approach. We have both processes and procedures in place to support CSR, including a menu of ‘Social Value Services’, which aims to incorporate tenant work experience and training, apprenticeships, charitable support, and the use of Social Enterprise within the supply chain. Our ‘Whole Life Costing Guide’ helps with the assessment of ongoing ownership and disposal costs, product life expectancy, and the social, economic and environmental impact of a product or service.

Key Headlines

  • We actively monitor supply chain Key Performance Indicators in conjunction with contract managers, ensuring contractual promises are delivered and proposed benefits derived, including all elements of training, apprenticeships, social value and CSR.
  • We actively consider environmental and sustainability impact in procurement of goods and services, assessing specifications and tender proposals appropriately for long term sustainability.
  • We operate a mixed economy of service provision with access to a diverse but controlled range of suppliers providing quality services, including small firms, social enterprises, minority businesses and voluntary and community sector suppliers where viable and appropriate.

Case study – Evolve

Evolve is an important part of the Riverside family and makes significant contributions to the business each year. Working closely with our Asset teams, Evolve handles the repairs, planned maintenance and gas servicing for over 75% of our housing stock across the country.

And it contributes much more to the Group than that. As a commercial organisation, its annual profits and VAT savings are invested back into Riverside. Last year, the figure was £7m – that’s £7m more to build new homes and provide services for people who really need them. 

Since joining the Group in 2012, Evolve has grown in size and increased its annual turnover ten-fold. It employs 427 people and is a key part of our supply chain, making sure we get the right materials at the fairest prices.

Evolve also makes a big social contribution to Riverside. Since 2012, it has recruited around 50 apprentices and provided work experience for young people in a variety of trades through the Student Rescue scheme.