Meeting and consultation online

Victor Andrews, Chair of the Riverside Customer Voice Executive (RCVE) talks about how the RCVE have been working through the Covid-19 pandemic. Continuing to work on the behalf of all their members of the Riverside Customer Voice – you all Riverside customers and leaseholders.

Firstly I hope you are all well during these unprecedented times.  The RCVE have certainly been busy continuing to work on your behalf since March.  We’ve been using video conference to conduct meetings and consultations.

One of the projects that we’re working on is to establish a national framework of member engagement. Our aim is to begin quarterly regional ‘Hub’ meetings, attended by customers from local groups where they currently exist and to help to organise local meetings, where they don’t.

The ‘Hub’ meetings will then feed into the RCVE, to help us identify regional issues and the impact they have nationally. We may come across issues during our investigation through our scrutiny work we do.

We realise that to be as effective as we can, we need as much input from you.  As a member we urge you to find out how you can begin your engagement journey, by visiting Get Involved page on the Riverside website.

I hope to provide you with regular updates and contributions from RCVE so look out for more updates in future editions of Your Riverside and the website.

Thank you
Vic Andrews