More housing officers working for you where it matters most

For more than a year, we’ve been reorganising and making savings behind the scenes so we can invest more where it matters most – in neighbourhoods.

As a result, from the winter onwards, there’ll be 40 per cent more housing officers to work with you in your home, or out and about where you live.

Their hours will be more flexible so they can support you when it better suits you. 

They’ll have a tablet or smartphone to access ‘live’ information about your tenancy, and they’ll have more time to resolve your issues as new teams in the office pick up the admin.

If you’d prefer to deal with us online, we’re also developing new digital services on our website. If you’d rather ring, we’ve expanded the Customer Service Centre to deal with more enquiries. 

We’re also reviewing our front counters. In many cases, fewer customers are already visiting them, as more of you reach us online or on the phone. 

With the service improvements we’re introducing, some counters may not be needed any more. Where any proposed changes affect you, we’ll consult with you.

As we make progress in the next few months, it should all mean a better service when we see you in your neighbourhood, when you visit our website and when you call on 0345 111 0000.