Are you moving onto Universal Credit?

We can help you get started, answer any questions and help you understand the process. Our experts are highly trained in all kinds of benefits and offer free impartial advice.

Top tips to be ready for Universal Credit

You need to pay your rent, and any charges, to us directly

Your payment will include any help you get towards your rent and charges. You need to arrange payments to us directly.

You get a single monthly payment

You’ll need to manage your bills and costs for the whole month. For help with setting a budget and managing your money, speak to your Work Coach or get in touch with us.

Need to apply for a council tax reduction

You’ll need to contact your local council for this reduction, it’s not part of your Universal Credit claim. 

You can apply for an advance payment 

You can ask for an advance payment of your Universal Credit if you are struggling with your finances while you wait for your first payment. You will need to pay back your advance a bit at a time from your future Universal Credit payments and you’ll have up to 12 months to pay back the advance.

Check our business address on your tenancy agreement 

Check you provide the right address for us to get confirmation of your claim. If you have an older tenancy agreement, it might show our old address. Our address is now:

2 Estuary Boulevard, Estuary Commerce Park, Liverpool L24 8RF.

Make sure your rent and charges statement is correct 

If you have your rent and charges statement already make sure the information is current. If they show old rent and charges, you might get a lower Universal Credit payment, leaving you out of pocket.

Making your first claim, are you ready?

You need from us: 

— tenancy agreement

— latest rent statement and breakdown of any charges
Just log in to your online rent account for a copy. Not got an account? Set one up here. Can’t find them? Get in touch with us if you need any copies.

We need from you: 

— National Insurance Number
To make sure payments for your rent are correct and are sent to your rent account.

You need to:

— set up a bank account
You’ll need a bank account to receive your payment. 

— get online and create an email address
You make your claim, check your payments and updates online.

— prove who you are
You’ll need proof of identity, for example your driving licence or passport. 

— provide proof of income, if you’re working
You’ll need copies of your payslips.