National Apprenticeship Week 2021 – Maya’s success story

For National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we profile Maya Joseph who achieved her Level 4 Data Analyst Apprentice at Riverside.

Why did you apply to be an apprentice?

I’ve always enjoyed problem solving and using data to find solutions that can benefit people so I was excited when I found out that I could complete a Data Analyst Apprenticeship. The apprenticeship route has been ideal for me as it’s given me the opportunity to study whilst working at Riverside and it’s given me a great a start in a career that’s perfect for me.

What made you choose Riverside?

I was already a Team Organiser in the Health, Safety & Environment (HS &E) team at Riverside and I had worked there in various administrative roles since September 2013. I loved the people and working for the organisation so it was ideal to be able to complete the apprenticeship there.

What is the most important thing you’ve learnt during your studies?

I’m still amazed by the power of data analysis and how it has the potential to make a huge impact not just on our organisation but on the lives of our customers as well.

How to you balance work and studies?

I was given lots of support by my manager and QA and they helped me put together a schedule that allowed me to keep a healthy work life balance… and then the pandemic hit! Working in the HSE team, there was a very sudden and dramatic increase in my workload and keeping up with my studies was really difficult. With support I was eventually able to re-prioritise and get back on track again

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently producing a range of management information dashboards to highlight health, safety and environmental performance and compliance in key risk areas across the Group. This is crucial to keep our colleagues and customers safe

What’s your ultimate career aspiration?

Well I’ve already achieved my first goal in becoming a Data Analyst. Next on my list is to develop my skills in programming languages and eventually become a Data Scientist.

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