Online help

We’re working hard to put more services at your fingertips, using quick access whenever you feel like it online.

Tenants learn how to use a tablet computer

Riverside services online

We’re giving you secure access to your rent statements and contact information. You’ll be able to see your payments and charges, help and advice and pay online. Plus, you’ll see the contact information we have for you and be able to update it if you want.

Access to your information will be secure, similar to online banking and you will set up your own password when you get started.


When can I get it?

Very soon. We’ll tell you when it’s ready. If we already have your email address, you’ll be the first to know.

Not given us your email address? Why not give it to us now? You’ll also get newsletters by email instead of post, with extra features.


Ready for Universal Credit?

In future, you’ll be able to set up your first claim and make changes online. So if you’re already online, moving to Universal Credit couldn’t be much simpler.

At the moment, Universal Credit is only in some areas and mostly affects people who lose their jobs or have hours cut. Over the next few years, most people eligible for work and claiming benefits, will move onto it though. So it’s something else you can take control of by getting online.


Make the internet work for you

Discover a new world and be confident online. No idea where to start? No problem.

What you need

You can get the world at your fingertips at a local library or community centre, for free. Get in touch to find places near you. Or you can explore more at home or on the go. Lots of shops and cafes have free wifi, so all you need is a smart phone, tablet or computer. Tablets in particular, are cheaper than ever. Or you could find an internet service provider to get connected at home. Call uSwitch to help you find the best deal on Tel: 0800 051 5493 or on Tel: 0333 321 6808.

What can I do online?

Be part of something, make it work for you and discover a new world. You name it, you can do it online. Take another step and open up new opportunities. You might find some long-lost friends, save yourself a trip to the bank, talk to family or friends with a video call, watch your favourite TV programmes, or find out more about your local area. It’s simpler than you think. Plus, you’ll find better deals online and save money.