Read Vickie’s story

“I absolutely love the house, I can’t stop smiling. It’s the most security I’ve ever had and I can’t believe it’s mine.

“I had been renting for 13 years before this. Rent prices are phenomenally high at the moment, meaning it’s really tough to save and it’s been difficult getting back onto the property ladder. About a year ago, a friend mentioned this development in Radcliffe-on-Trent and the possibility of shared ownership. Riverside was efficient from the get-go and they did an assessment to check whether I could proceed with shared ownership.

“I already lived in Radcliffe with a network of friends and family and the kids are settled into their schools. It’s also close to my work and the kids’ dad, so I was always hoping to stay in the area long term. But there was no way I could afford staying here without it being shared ownership and I sometimes felt penalised for being single.

“I was also under some tight time constraints as I had been served notice on my rented accommodation. I let the Riverside team know and they did everything to speed things up.

“I’m just so grateful to Riverside for everything they’ve done. The kids love their new bigger bedrooms and having a big garden. We feel so settled even after only living here for a short time. The last few years has been a hard slog, but I now feel really happy.

“This is security for me and my boys long term. It’s a chance for me and my boys to grow and having that security will give me the chance to develop my career plans and I am looking to buy more shares in the house in the future.

“I’ve been looking for something like this for years. I also really appreciated the Riverside Information Pack which was waiting for me when I moved in – it’s really useful and explains how everything works in the home like the heating system, cooker, how to report faults. It’s been a very efficient service.

“My message to anyone struggling to get onto the property ladder is – ‘look into shared ownership as an option.’ I’ve already told my friends! I will always be forever grateful for riverside for helping and supporting me with shared ownership.”