Riverside joins Stonewall to launch trans equality initiative

Riverside joins a diverse range of organisations as launch partner for new programme to create better allies for trans people by Stonewall.

As the only prominent launch partner from the housing sector, we will lead the way in delivering an innovative one-day programme in-house. In pledging our support, we are demonstrating our commitment to bringing positive change to the workplace and communities for all trans and non-binary people.

The trans allies programme will help non-trans people understand how they can tackle anti-trans discrimination and ‘come out’ in support of trans people everywhere as allies. They will receive a deeper understanding of the impact of transphobia, along with the tools and language to better include trans people at work and in their everyday lives. The final programme will be is open to any individual from any industry in any role who is committed to trans equality.

Our pledge to improve trans inclusion comes at a time when trans and non-binary people face alarming levels of discrimination at work and in society.

Earlier this year Stonewall released research that showed half of trans people (51 per cent) have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination or abuse. Moreover, one in eight trans employees (12 per cent) have been physically attacked by colleagues or customers in the past year.

John Glenton, Riverside’s Executive Director and Co-Chair of our LGBT staff group, said: “At Riverside, we believe people do their best work when they are able to be themselves.

“Our 200-strong group of ‘straight allies’ has already demonstrated the importance of engaging supporters to create positive change in the workplace so we’re excited to have this opportunity to create a similar network of trans ambassadors.

“We want our employees to have the confidence and knowledge to become active trans allies to help us create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace where trans and non-binary people are welcomed and supported.”

Sanjay Sood-Smith, Stonewall’s Director of Empowerment Programmes, said: “We’re proud to have the support of Riverside to help launch our trans allies programme. Their commitment to moving forward in their journey to get trans inclusion right is a sign that a positive future is possible.

“We know trans and non-binary people face abuse and discrimination in their day-to-day lives. Half of trans and non-binary people have hidden their identity at work for fear of discrimination. However, having leading organisations including Riverside backing our trans allies programme shows there is strong support for trans people across different sectors. We are looking forward to building on this extremely positive to create more inclusive workplaces across Britain.”