Riverside launches Climate Plan to ensure all homes more energy efficient

Riverside is this week launching its first ever Climate Plan. 

Our Climate Plan, which runs from 2022-26, is our commitment to ensure our homes are all warm, affordable to run and free from damp and mould. 

Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns and the damaging effects that can be seen around the world. 

As one of the leading providers of social housing in the UK, we have a duty to ensure our homes are more energy efficient and reduce the level of harmful emissions.

Our Climate Plan 

The plan details how we are going to deliver changes to our homes if they need to be upgraded. We’ll begin by focussing on how well our homes are insulated, followed by a review of heating systems and whether they need to be upgraded.   

The plan also includes a pledge to look after our green spaces responsibly – whether that’s planting new trees, creating community gardens or just making better use of areas that have been neglected. 

What this means for our customers 

As with all of our initiatives, we’ve had invaluable input from our customers on this plan. The Riverside Customer Voice Executive has been consulted and has helped formulate the strategy and accompanying advice for customers. 

We’re pleased to say many of our homes are already up to a good energy standard so there will be no change at all for many customers.

However, we recognise some homes will require upgrade work and this will happen over the next four years.  This will be done over a few stages and the exact work depends on the type of house. If work is needed, we will contact customers well in advance. The work we carry out will mean the house becomes more energy efficient.  

Patrick New, Riverside’s Executive Director for Customer Service, said: 

“I’m really pleased to be launching Our Climate Plan, which sets out how over the next four years we’ll be making our homes more energy efficient.

“We’re seeing more and more examples of the devastating impact of climate change, so we know the work we’re planning as part of Our Climate Plan is the right thing to do for our planet and our customers.

“I would like to assure our customers many of our homes are already up to a good energy standard and have recently had new insulation and more efficient gas boilers fitted so you won’t notice any changes. If we do need to upgrade your home, it will become more energy efficient and harmful emissions will be reduced.”  

In the meantime, if any customers need support with fuel bills or have no supply and need help reconnecting, we have a team of experts of hand to help. 

Just go to our Let’s Talk Energy webpage, complete the form and we’ll be in touch. 

You can find out more about Our Climate Plan here.