Riverside publishes first ever set of full-year Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Today (1 July 2024), we’ve published our first ever set of full-year Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs).

Created by The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH), TSMs are the new measure of how social landlords in England are doing at providing good quality homes and services.

Like all social landlords, Riverside must now report on them every year.

We published a half-year set of figures on our website in December but today, we’re publishing our first ever set of full year figures setting out our performance in 22 areas that are important to customers.

They now sit alongside our quarterly Key Performance Indicators, our Annual Report, our Financial Statements and more on the performance pages on our website.

That section is our most comprehensive ever source of information for customers, investors – and anyone else who wants to know – on how we’re performing, making us the most transparent and accountable Riverside we’ve ever been.

Visit www.riverside.org.uk/performance to view our TSMs – and all other performance information we publish – now.