Riverside shares proposals for £60m regeneration of Halton Lea

Proposals for the regeneration of Hallwood Park and Palace Fields are set to be shared with more than 2,500 residents in the area from today (Tuesday 20 September).

For more than three years Riverside, which owns much of the property in the area, has been consulting with residents as well as Halton Borough Council, MPs, councillors, local groups and community organisations on what the future of the area should look like.

The £60m scheme will take around 10 years to deliver. It is expected to require around £30m of public funding, with funding bids in development and some nearing completion.

People said they wanted to see:

  • Better housing choices
  • An improved local centre
  • A safer community
  • Better and safer travel
  • Community activities
  • Climate change focused projects.

Now, with that feedback coming through loud and clear, Riverside has worked with architects, engineers and the council, to start to design a scheme which could achieve exactly that.

Riverside can now confirm the Local Centre and The Uplands would be set to receive significant change and investment in the coming years alongside other projects.

The proposals are set to be showcased to residents in the area both via post – with all residents in the area receiving a detailed information pack and through individual appointments.

Drop-in sessions will also be held across both neighbourhoods to continue to design the potential construction projects in the Local Centre, The Uplands and to discuss wider changes across Halton Lea, such as community projects, landscaping improvements and energy efficient projects. In addition, focus groups are being setup to gain feedback and input from the local community.Riverside will be talking to over 300 households whose homes are in key locations within the Local Centre and The Uplands to deliver the physical changes to the area. Although it’s important to stress, the plans are first stage proposals and could change depending on feedback.

The information packs are being delivered on Tuesday 20 September and will contain details of how residents can attend drop-ins and how they can book an appointment to discuss individual circumstances if their home is in a key location.

Andrea Thorn, Director of Homes and Communities for Riverside, said:

“This is an exciting time for Hallwood Park and Palace Fields and a once in a lifetime opportunity for the area to get the regeneration support it needs.

“However, we appreciate it may also be an uncertain and worrying time for some households who may be concerned at how change will affect them and their living circumstances.

“Through this consultation exercise, we want to explain to the community how we think we could change the physical landscape of the area for the better and get their views.

“Please be assured that Riverside has over 90 years of experience in revitalising neighbourhoods and will support residents throughout the process.

“It’s important to remember this is a first stage proposal and not set in stone; we’re very much open to feedback and change if the community feels the initial proposals don’t work for them.” 

Local politicians welcomed the plans, with Runcorn East MP Mike Amesbury commenting:

“I’m delighted to see the emerging proposals from Riverside to regenerate parts of Halton Lea.

“From shaping a new local centre that would create a much-needed heart of the community, to improving greenspace and designing local projects, the proposals will strengthen the neighbourhoods for the future.

“Offering a variety of housing options including shared ownership, that have long been missing in this area, will also enable existing residents to thrive and could attract new residents to ensure a sustainable community in the long term.”


Further information is available on our website www.riverside.org.uk/haltonlea