Rough Sleeper Accommodation Project is changing lives

“I’ve been given a new life. I’m so thankful to have support in place and someone to talk to.”

Mr Cheung was referred to our service due to rough sleeping and sleeping on emergency beds. He had been working in Nottingham and in Hull with a Chinese takeaway and had accommodation through them.

Ever since he has been in England, he has been part of the Chinese community but he said a lot has changed over the years. Now the younger generation are running the takeaway’s he is deemed too old and this is why he ended up rough sleeping and losing everything, which he is deeply saddened by.

Mr Cheung has recently moved into a new property, and this will be his first Christmas in his new home. “I’m so thankful I now have support in place and just someone to talk to. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.” Mr Cheung is sincerely thankful for the extensive support he has been provided due to him having no friends or family in Hull.

He has expressed how lucky he feels that he now has somewhere to live and has the support around him to help him get back on his feet. “I’m overjoyed that I have a bed and a safe, warm house to rest my head”. As his support worker he is continuously thanking me for the help and support that has been provided to him.

Mr Cheung has said that it has given him a new life and it is perfect, and he is happy and said thank you to Riverside and all the support along the way.

Helen, Support Worker