Staff Update

Welcome to the staff update page on the Riverside website.

Tuesday 2nd January 2018, 15:55pm

The heating and hot water are now working again and the temperature in Estuary office is back to normal. Thank you for your cooperation and patience today and apologies once again for the uncomfortable start to the new year.

Tuesday 2nd January 2018, 12:03pm

Staff who are able to work from home may do so from this afternoon due to issues with the heating. If you are unable to access the network from home please work from another Riverside Office. Please clock in remotely via the RIC so that your flexitime is unaffected, update your voicemail message on your phone and look out for further updates which will be sent by email or via this page

The above does not apply to colleagues in the CSC whose heating is unaffected.

Staff Update Page

This page will give all the latest information about office closures, alternative working arrangements and other essential information in times of severe weather or other emergency events.

If you are a Riverside director or senior manager and you need to post an update to this page, please contact 07980761666.

If you are a Riverside employee, and you are in any doubt as to whether your office may be affected, please remember to check this page. The short link is the web address is on the back of your Riverside ID.