Support into work with Riverside

Riverside customer Josh aged 21 from Carlisle took the opportunity to get help through the employment and training service to find a job to become financially independent and move away from claiming benefits.

Riverside Customer Josh left with E&T project officer Andy Hill


Josh moved to Carlisle into a Riverside property and really wanted to take control of his income. He wanted to work but wasn’t confident and didn’t have the skills or know the most effective way to look for a job.

Riverside offered him a place on the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) initiative. A joint programme run by Riverside and other agencies to deliver new ways to work with individuals who face multiple and complex barriers to employment. Helping to build confidence, communication and social skills to prepare customers for the world of work.

This allowed Josh to build his skills up to a level to be able to start looking for work with the support of Riverside’s employment and training service.

Andy Hill, Employment and Training Officer from Riverside said: “I helped Josh to look at what his income would be if he did get a job and how his benefits would be affected. I then helped him create a CV so he could use it to apply for jobs, helped him prepare for job interviews, access funds for travel to the interview and when he got a job.

“Josh’s attitude and commitment to both myself and BBO project officer has been outstanding throughout and he utilised the help available to get him where he wants to be in terms of paid employment and independence financially.”

After working with Riverside’s employment and training service for six months, Josh secured a full time position.

Thrilled with the new job, Josh said: “I’m so pleased to be working full time, no benefits and paying my rent in full on time. The support from the initiative and Riverside was great and I will continue to work with them so I can better myself.

Riverside Customers across the country can access the employment and training service to find training opportunities and support into work. Click here for further information or call 0345 111 0000.