Transforming our repairs and maintenance service

We are underway with transforming the way we deliver repairs and maintenance, to give you excellent services and better experiences, with greater value for money.

We know we need to improve satisfaction with our service, so we’re making wide ranging changes. These changes and more are coming across the country later in the year, so we’ll bring you up to speed in the coming months.

We’ll continue to invest in keeping you and your home safe
We invest more than £80m a year across the country in keeping your homes safe, secure and in good condition. So it’s vital we make that money go as far as possible, getting the best value. As well as restructuring our teams to help with this, we’re also working hard to set up buying arrangements that get quality goods and services at competitive prices.

We’re also working on a new online repairs service
We’re currently road testing our new online repairs service with some customers to get it ready for national release. It will make reporting a repair even easier, and you’ll be able to make an appointment online – anytime, anywhere, even on a mobile device. This is part of our work to improve and streamline our services, and provide you with a more consistent and high-quality experience, wherever you live.

Our new service in central and southern England
To achieve the service standard and efficiencies we’re aiming for, with properties spread over such a large area, we’re creating a brand new service, Riverside Direct. It will work with Mears, a market leading repairs and maintenance specialist, with established networks and suppliers nationwide, to meet the challenge.

As well as harnessing networks to get great value for money, the quality of the service is key. We want customers to experience great service as well as quality repairs, maintenance and large scale works.

If you’re in central or southern England, whether you’re getting a repair or a new kitchen or bathroom, look out for a Riverside Direct van and tradesperson from 30 July.

Wherever you are in the country you will still report repairs through the usual routes – by calling 0345 111 0000 or using our online form.

Visits by our contractors

It is your responsibility to allow access when a contractor attends a pre-arranged appointment at your home.

The majority of our contractors are male so, if this could cause an issue for you for religious or cultural reasons, please ensure you have a friend or family member present or rearrange appointments to a convenient time when you will be able to grant access.