We’ve updated our privacy notice

As part of our ongoing commitment to protect your information, we’ve updated our privacy notice to reflect changes in data protection law introduced in May, giving you extra rights about how your personal data is used. 

What is personal data?

Data that identifies any living individual such as name, address, personal identifier like customer number.

Exercising your rights

You can see what personal data we hold, how we store and use it, as well as make amendments. In some cases you can object to processing, restrict processing or even delete data.

We accept requests in writing and we aim to provide a response within a month.  There is no charge for making a request including Subject Access Requests.

Summary of the new privacy notice

We will record, use and sometimes share personal information about you and your family in order to deliver our services. 

We will only do so for the purpose in question and only if we have a lawful basis for doing so.

Your health, care or any other private information will be kept confidential, and our lawful reason for using it will be your explicit consent. However, we may share without your consent if it’s in the public interest for instance to keep someone safe or to combat crime, anti-social behaviour or fraud.

We may monitor and record your calls to us, to make sure we follow your instructions correctly and to improve staff training.

Information will only be kept for as long as required by law or best practice. We will use technical and organisation measures to keep it safe.