Veterans’ mental health funding: without further intervention services will collapse

Our Director of Operations and Veterans’ Lead, Lee Buss-Blair, welcomes new veterans’ mental health funding – but this funding alone won’t enable us to address the wider problem of veteran homelessness:

“The Government’s £2.7m pledge to support military veterans’ mental health is very welcome, however there remains major gaps in funding for veterans experiencing homelessness with the most complex needs who require multifaceted support to transition back to civilian life successfully.

“We provide essential support for veterans experiencing homelessness affected by both mental and physical health issues, as well as substance misuse and employment issues. We provide support to secure longer term accommodation, and assist in the development of the independent living skills veterans need to remain independent within the community. These vital services are all coordinated under one roof to prevent veterans’ needs from slipping through the cracks.

“Without further Government intervention these specialist support services for veterans will collapse.”