Voluntary Right to Buy Pilot Scheme in the Midlands

Riverside is taking part in a trial scheme in partnership with the government, offering tenants in certain areas of the Midlands the opportunity to buy their home under a voluntary sales scheme similar to the Right to Buy.

Tenants taking part in the pilot could get a discount of up to 70% on the market value of their home (or £80,900, whichever is lower.)

The number of tenants who can apply is limited, so the government will be operating an online ballot process and inviting successful tenants to make their application.


Am I eligible to take part in the pilot?

The pilot scheme is restricted to local authority areas in the Midlands.

If you currently live in a Riverside property in one of these areas and have been a tenant for 3 years or more with a housing association or a public sector landlord (such as a council), you may be eligible to enter the ballot. There are some other criteria you need to meet too.

Certain types of property will be exempt as it’s not appropriate to sell them, and some tenants will be excluded in specific cases.


I’m interested, what should I do next?

If this sounds right for you, you first need to visit the government’s Voluntary Right to Buy website here.

Entries into the ballot are limited, and details will be kept up to date on the Right to Buy website. Only tenants who have been selected from the ballot after the closing date will be invited to apply.


Is there a cost to apply?

There is no cost to enter the ballot, however successful tenants who proceed with an application will be required to pay an application fee of £250. The application fee will be refunded on completion of the purchase.



If you have any questions, please visit the Right to Buy website, or call us on 0345 111 0000.