What it’s like to live at our Laurel Court service

Laurel Court provides a safe environment for people with learning disabilities to live independently in Huddersfield. Our dedicated team are on site 24 hours a day and enable our customers to reach their potential, build on life skills and increase quality of life through person-centred planning. 

Here, customer Jane (fictional name) who has a diagnosed learning disability, describes her experiences at Laurel Court. 

“In July 2021 I moved into Laurel Court on respite. Initially I moved in so that the local authority could undertake an assessment of whether it was suitable for me to live in the community alone. 

I also moved into Laurel Court to help me build up some basic skills such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, road safety, etc. I really struggled with numbers and reading and needed help with reading letters and bills, things like that. The staff here are really supportive with stuff like that. 

While I was first living at Laurel Court I was also told it was not an option to move back to my family home and that the staff at Laurel Court would need to help me find somewhere more suitable to live. The staff were brilliant and supported me with Choose & Move which allowed me to bid for properties within the local council.  

At the same time I was also supported by the local Job Centre and the staff to find a job where I was placed in a café. I liked working in the cafe it helped me to build up more skills around things like cooking and cleaning. I really enjoyed my time working there however the job wasn’t long term and eventually they had to let me go. I was determined to find work elsewhere which I did, at a hairdresser where I am working now. My support worker also helped me to get a bus pass so that I can attend work and when I first started they supported me on trial bus journeys as this was something I hadn’t done before. 

I am so pleased that after looking for somewhere to live I have now got a permanent flat at Laurel Court and I really like living here – it makes me feel very safe – I can access support when I need it and the staff are here 24 hours a day”.