What it’s like to live at our Redwood Glades extra care scheme

Alan is a customer at Redwood Glades – one of our intergenerational extra care schemes in Hull.

Alan receives the support he needs to live independently and the sense of community that has developed at the scheme has built his confidence and made a real difference to his life.

Here Alan explains a bit about his experience of living at Redwood Glades:

“My name is Alan and I live in Hull at the Redwood Glades Extra Care service.

Before I lived here I lived in a flat, not far from my mum.

I struggled with everyday living and moved into a supported service in Hull. I enjoyed my time there but was quiet and shy and I didn’t mix much with other people.

I moved to Redwood Glades when the service I was living in closed down. Since moving here I have found a new confidence and now mix with other people. I’ve made lots of friends and take part in most activities. I even run twice weekly quizzes!

I am the first person to volunteer at the Extra Care and work two days a week in the restaurant here.

I love living at Redwood Glades.

If I had to describe how I feel in just one word it would be ‘happy’. I feel like a new person and don’t feel so alone anymore. Even my mum has noticed how my confidence has grown”.