Work is currently being done in my home

Work is currently being done in my home


We’ll keep you updated with how everything is going by giving you a daily task sheet. This will tell you what is happening on each day that we’re in your home. When the work is finished, we will check it to make sure everything is ok and you’re happy.

We’ll do everything we can to minimise disruption to you, but there may be some unavoidable noise and dust.

Removing items from working areas

There may be some vibration with drilling while we’re working in your home, so make sure items  such as furniture, personal belongings or ornaments are removed from the areas where we’ll be working in, to protect them from accidental damage.

Furniture should be covered and moved out of the way to protect them from dust and where necessary, glass-fronted items should be turned around.

Children and pets

Please keep children away from working areas and ensure they are supervised at all times during the work – we won’t be able to work if children under 16 years of age are unaccompanied.

We also ask that pets are kept away from working areas. If they tend to be lively, wary of people or aggressive, let us know in advance so that we can work around it.


We ask that you refrain from smoking while work is taking place. Your home becomes our temporary workplace and smoking in the workplace was banned under the Health Act in 2007. We appreciate your cooperation with this – the last thing we want is avoidable delays or disruption.

Telephone wires

In the unlikely event that telephone wires are damaged during the work, report this to the contractor as soon as possible and they will try to fix it. Please make sure you report this straight away, as we won’t be able to respond if a significant length of time has passed before you report it.

Satellite Dishes, CCTV and Security Alarms

Depending on the type of work we’re doing in your home, we might need to remove satellite dishes, CCTV cameras or alarms attached to your property. We will do our best to minimise disruption to you and will re-fix all items after the work is complete.

In most cases, we can relocate these items temporarily so that you still have full use the equipment. If you do have any problems, please tell us straight away. We won’t be able to respond if a significant length of time has passed before you report it.

In the instances when we need to disconnect security alarms and can’t provide a temporary replacement, you might need to inform your home insurance provider.

This will depend on the type of work you are having done. Our contractor will be able to tell you how long it is likely to take.

Our contractor will let you know when they need to access your home and depending on the type of work, they may not need access on every day of the programme.

Don’t let anyone in if they don’t have an ID badge. Our employees and contractors understand this is important and will be happy to show you their ID upon request. Speak to your Customer Liaison Officer or call our Customer Service Centre on 0345 111 0000 if you have any concerns.

We will make sure that working areas are left in a safe state and your facilities are in working order at the end of each day, but there might be times when you need assistance outside of working hours.

Here are some examples of emergency repairs:

  • Water leak
  • Internal gas leak or suspected gas smells
  • No heat or hot water
  • No electricity
  • Locks to external doors aren’t working
  • Unable to close newly installed windows

If you have an emergency and need immediate assistance after 5pm Monday – Friday, over the weekend or on a bank holiday, please call the emergency phone number that the contractor has provided.

If you have any problems using this number, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Centre on 0345 111 0000.