Executive Directors

Jehan Weerasinghe


Jehan Weerasinghe - Managing Director of One HousingManaging Director of One Housing

Jehan joined as Managing Director of One Housing and part of Riverside’s executive Team in September 2023. Prior to joining he worked for the Wheatley Group in Scotland where he held the role of Managing Director of Customer Experience.

He was also MD of Wheatley Homes Glasgow for the bulk of his time at Wheatley, which is Scotland’s largest housing association (45,000 homes).

Jehan worked for L&Q for over 16 years between 2002-19, where he held a number of roles relating to regeneration, mergers, stock transfers, operations and community investment.

His last role at L&Q was Regional Operations Director. In his time at L&Q he was involved in the mergers of East Thames and Ujima.