Community services

We operate a range of intervention services for rough sleepers helping to stop homeless people having to spend another night on the street.

Rough sleeper services


Rough Sleeper Service

Riverside operates a range of intervention services for rough sleepers – from early identification of those new to sleeping on the streets, to those who’ve become entrenched rough sleepers and may have been on the streets for some time. This later category of customer may also have multiple issues, such as addiction and mental health, and we are able to deliver support to these customers.

These initiatives include

  • No Second Night Out
  • Mobile enabled technology to let us know where rough sleepers are, including a QR scanner code box on all collateral about the service
  • Counted in team in Manchester
  • Street Buddies
  • Emergency cold weather provision.

Our early intervention service, No Second Night Out identifies those new to sleeping rough, aiming to prevent a second night out on the street.

Riverside has wide experience of working with entrenched rough sleepers through our Counted In services.

Through our nationwide network of over 100 supported housing centres we provide hundreds of emergency cold weather beds for those who are still on the streets to ensure they don’t die during cold weather.

By working closely, where possible, with local agencies and involving local communities we are able to deliver the best outcomes for local communities and those sleeping rough themselves. Helping to reduce rough sleeping and its damaging effects on health, the benefits to the wider society in terms of:

  • reductions in emergency use of A&E,
  • reduced anti-social behaviour on the streets.

With the perfect team in place we deliver a continuum of support.