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Information for customers

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Is this information available in another format?
Yes, you can call 0345 112 4466 to hear a recorded telephone message which will give you information on this page.

Staying safe

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How are we keeping you safe?
In line with social distancing and safety guidelines, we’ll only meet customers in person if it’s absolutely necessary, such as to carry out a repair, undertaking support work, or to show a potential customer a new property. Otherwise we will provide the service to you over the phone or via email. For an example of how we’re keeping people safe face-to-face, watch our repairs video below.


I am ill / self-isolating. What should I do?
If you have contracted Coronavirus, or been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace, please let us know. This is to help prevent the virus from spreading and to protect our staff and other customers, as we will not visit you unless it is an emergency. In an emergency, we’ll ask for your co-operation in taking all possible precautions. Please follow the latest Government advice.

I’m experiencing domestic abuse or anti-social behaviour. What support is available?
For advice and support on domestic abuse, please visit our dedicated webpage. You can report anti-social behaviour online here.

Repairs and maintenance

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Can I still report non-emergency repairs?
Yes, you can still report repairs to us as normal. However, repairs and appointments may take longer than usual due to additional safety precautions as well as the impact of the Coronavirus on the supply of materials and on our staffing, so please bear with us.

To help us prioritise emergency and urgent repairs during this time, we have extended our service standard for completing a repair from 28 days to 56 days. Before reporting a repair, please consider whether it is urgent and essential and if it can be reported at a later date when virus transmission rates have lowered.

For information on how we’re keeping you safe whilst carrying out repairs, please watch this video

I’m due for an annual gas safety check. Is it still happening?
Yes. Unless you or someone in your home is self-isolating, we’ll still visit your home for your gas safety check. To see how we’re carrying out these checks safely, please watch this video.

We may need to reschedule your appointment if we need to prioritise emergency work, but if we do, please be assured that all Riverside gas appliances in your home have been well-maintained and serviced regularly, so should continue to work normally.

If you’re worried that a gas appliance in your home isn’t working as it should, call us immediately on 0345 111 0000.

I’m due to have a new kitchen/bathroom/roof/windows/heating system. Will this still go ahead?
We are resuming some of our improvement programmes and services, including incomplete external work (which was paused during lockdown), external decoration, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, boiler replacements, windows and doors, and some surveys. We’ll contact you directly if there is work outstanding.

I’m due to have a new aid/adaptation in my home. What will happen now?
We are starting to resume work on aids and adaptations and we’ll be getting in touch with customers to book these back in. We’re still carrying out urgent adaptations that support you or a member of your household to be discharged from hospital, wherever we can. We’re also continuing to log any referrals we receive during this time, and we’ll contact you about next steps.

I live in a flat. Are communal area safety inspections still happening?
Yes, but some of them may happen less frequently than usual. This is to help us make the most of our resources, so we can support those most vulnerable, whilst continuing to keep you safe. You can still report any problems you see in communal areas to us in the usual ways.

Our teams are following the latest Government advice on social distancing whilst carrying out these checks so please make sure you stay in your home and keep a distance from our teams.

Money and rent

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I’m struggling to pay my rent due to Coronavirus, what should I do?
Many customers have experienced this situation and we’ve been able to help them through our ‘Let’s Talk Rent’ campaign. Don’t wait and allow arrears to start building up – get in touch straight away. Fill in our form now or call us on 0345 111 0000 and choose option 3.

Is there any financial help from Government?
If you’ve been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace and cannot work as a result, you may be able to claim a Test and Trace Support payment of £500. Contact your local council to find out how you can apply.

See the Government website for more information about Test and Trace Support payment.

Can I pay without leaving my home?
Yes, we have other more convenient and safer ways for you to pay your rent or charges. You can pay online by signing up for My Riverside now. Alternatively you can call us on 0345 111 0000 to setup a direct debit, recurring card payment and or make one-off payments.

Can I get help with my benefits?
If you need help with your benefits, please visit our dedicated advice page. We also have information on key benefit changes which came into force from April 2020.

How is Coronavirus affecting Riverside?
As an organisation, we’re having to make big changes so we can deliver essential services safely, keep customers and staff safe whilst facing staff shortages. This means we’ve had to reduce or delay services such as repairs but also provide additional support for vulnerable customers who are elderly, homeless or ill. As things change, we’ll keep updating our customers with new information about our services.

How does this affect my service charges?
Your charge will remain the same as stated in the “Notice of your new charges” letter which we sent to you in February 2020. For customers who pay a variable service charge: if we don’t spend as much as we’ve estimated throughout the year (for example due to temporarily stopping some services), we will tell you in your Service Charge Statement next year and we will take it off your charge for the following year. We’ll tell you exactly what our costs are once we know what they are. You will only be charged for services you receive.

Contacting us

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Can I still contact Riverside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Yes, but there may be a longer wait than usual due to a higher number of calls at this time and potential sickness and self-isolation amongst our staff.

So, please be patient and we will do our best to assist as soon as possible. You could help us manage this by using our contact us page to find the information you need or by signing up to My Riverside.

I’m a member of Riverside Customer Voice and iCommunity. Are they affected?
Riverside Customer Voice and Riverside Customer Voice Executive (RCVE) are keeping in touch with customers and Riverside through online methods. They are continuing to chair meetings, engage in consultations, convene complaint panels, host Facebook live Q&A sessions and finalise the Scrutiny Working Project started before Coronavirus.

Find the latest meeting highlights and other information on our Get Involved page, and make your voice heard on Riverside services by joining our digital Voice iCommunity.

Follow us on RCVE Facebook page and @VoiceRiverside for real time information and updates.

I’ve been in touch with Riverside to make a complaint about the service, will this still be looked into?
We are still continuing to investigate complaints in line with our procedure wherever possible and we will agree any actions and timescales based on your complaint query when we speak to you. We may need to put on hold some cases where we would need to carry out work but due to the current service provided we are unable to complete the work, we’ll discuss this with you when we contact you.

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