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Local lockdown information

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If you live in area where a local lockdown is in place, find out how our services are running locally.

What's our latest position?

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Please click on the image below for a brief overview of our latest operating situation.Coronavirus infographic July 7 2020

Is this information available in another format?
Yes, you can call 0345 112 4466 to hear a recorded telephone message which will give you information on this page.

Staying safe

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I am ill / self-isolating. What should I do?
If you have contracted Coronavirus or are self-isolating, please let us know when we speak to you. To protect our staff and other customers, unless it is an emergency, we will not visit you in your home during a period of self-isolation. In an emergency, we’ll ask for your co-operation in taking sensible precautions.

Please follow the latest Government advice if you or a member of your household displays any potential symptoms of Coronavirus.

I have been shielding, how does this affect me?
From 1 August, the Government is no longer advising clinically extremely vulnerable people to shield. If we need to visit your property on or after this date, we will follow Government guidance on working safely in people’s homes.

For a summary of the safety measures we have in place for repairs and safety appointments, watch this video.

How can I be sure that a member of staff or a contractor is not infected with Coronavirus if they visit my home?
We are ensuring that our staff and contractors have all of the latest information and guidance. Our employees and our contractors are following this guidance in the same way that everyone has been asked to and will take action to protect you as customers and themselves. 

I’m experiencing domestic abuse. What support is available?
For advice and support, please visit our dedicated website section here.

I am due a home visit from Riverside, will this still go ahead?
Where home visits are already scheduled or expected, for example a new tenancy visit or if you are experiencing ASB or other neighbourhood problems or if you’re scheduled to move, we may deliver services in a different way in order to minimise risk. If it is not an emergency, we may contact you to arrange phone calls rather than meet face-to-face.

If you have not done so already, please sign up to My Riverside to see your account, pay rent and charges and manage your contact information.

If a member of our team or one of our contractors does need to visit your property, they will adhere to the following measures:

  • The team will sanitise their hands before entering and after leaving each property.
  • On entering a property, staff/contractors will ask customers to move to a different area of the property while they are working.
  • Our staff / contractors are always required to stay at least 2 metres away from the customer and will avoid contact with surfaces and items that they do not need to come into contact with.
  • If working externally, our staff / contractors will ask customers to avoid coming within 2 metres of them.


Repairs and maintenance

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Can I still report non-emergency repairs?
Yes, you can now report any new repairs using My Riverside or by calling 0345 111 0000.

Some repairs and appointments may take longer than usual as we continue to work through our backlog and deal with potential delays in material supplies, so please bear with us.

For a summary of the safety measures we have in place for repairs and safety appointments, watch this video.

I reported a repair before lockdown, will it still happen?
Yes. We are continuing to work through our backlog of previously reported repairs which were put on hold during the lockdown. We’ll be in touch with customers with these repairs to book these back in.

I’m due for an annual gas safety check. Is it still happening?
Yes. Unless you or someone in your home is self-isolating, we’ll still visit your home for your gas safety check. To see how we’re carrying out these checks safely, please watch this video.

We may need to reschedule your appointment if we need to prioritise emergency work, but if we do, please be assured that all Riverside gas appliances in your home have been well-maintained and serviced regularly, so should continue to work normally.

If you’re worried that a gas appliance in your home isn’t working as it should, call us immediately on 0345 111 0000.

I’m due to have a new kitchen/bathroom/roof/windows/heating system. Will this still go ahead?
We are resuming some of our improvement programmes and services, starting with incomplete external work (which was paused during lockdown), external decoration, boiler replacements and some surveys. We are also beginning our new windows and doors programme.

We are contacting customers due for improvement work to explain what happens next. For a summary of the safety measures we have in place for repairs and safety appointments,  watch this video.

We’ll be reviewing these services regularly and updating this page as things change, so do check back regularly.

I’m due to have a new aid/adaptation in my home. What will happen now?
We are starting to resume work on aids and adaptations and we’ll be getting in touch with customers to book these back in.

We’re still carrying out urgent adaptations that support you or a member of your household to be discharged from hospital, wherever we can. We’re also continuing to log any referrals we receive during this time, and we’ll contact you about next steps.

I live in a flat. Are communal area safety inspections still happening?
Yes, but some of them may happen less frequently than usual. This is to help us make the most of our resources, so we can support those most vulnerable, whilst continuing to keep you safe. You can still report any problems you see in communal areas to us in the usual ways.
Our teams are following the latest Government advice on social distancing, so please make sure you stay in your home while we carry out these checks.

Payment, money advice, rent and service charges

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Can I pay without leaving my home?
We have lots of ways to help you continue to pay your rent, even if you are unable to leave your home. It’s important you continue to pay your rent if you can, to prevent you falling into arrears.

  • Online – sign up for My Riverside to check your rent or charges account and make payment.
  • Direct Debit – call us on 0345 111 0000 and speak to an advisor. If you set up a Direct Debit, you don’t need to worry about paying us every month. We’ll take payment automatically and you can choose when the money comes out of your account.
  • Recurring card payment – call us on 0345 111 0000 and speak to an advisor. You can make a payment and set it to come out on a set date and for a set amount as agreed. Similar to a direct debit however you do not incur any charges and you are in control of amending at any time.
  • By phone – call us on 0345 111 0000 and pick the payment option.

I’m struggling to pay my rent due to Coronavirus, what should I do?
We’re here to help. Please get in touch as soon as you can and before things get on top of you. Fill in our simple online form. Someone will be in touch within 48 hours.

I’m concerned about benefits at this time. What should I do?
If you’re concerned about benefits and changes to them, please visit our dedicated advice page. We’ve also created a new page setting out information on key benefit changes which have come into force since April 2020.

Please remember, if you have made a benefits claim, it’s vital that you answer your phone, even if you don’t recognise the number as it may be the  Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) trying to contact you. The DWP say they have been working seven days a week to try to deal with the huge volume of claims during this period but are being hampered from finalising applications as they cannot get in touch with people to verify information. They say that if more customers answered the phone, they would be able to spend less time on the phone chasing people up and more time supporting people. These calls may sometimes come from withheld numbers or 0800 numbers depending on the application you have made, so please keep your phone close to you and, if you’ve made a claim, look out for their call.

How is Coronavirus affecting Riverside?
The Coronavirus has brought major challenges for individuals, families and businesses right across the country, and Riverside is no exception. We’re having to make significant changes so we can deliver essential services safely, keep customers and staff safe whilst facing staff shortages. This means we’ve had to reduce or delay services such as repairs but also provide additional support for vulnerable customers who are elderly, homeless or ill. We are also planning for the end of the crisis, when there is likely to be a large backlog of repairs and other services which will need to be tackled quickly.

How does this affect my service charges?
Your charge will remain the same as stated in the “Notice of your new charges” letter which we sent to you earlier this year. For customers who pay a variable service charge: if we don’t spend as much as we’ve estimated throughout the year (for example due to temporarily stopping some services), we will tell you in your Service Charge Statement next year and we will take it off your charge for the following year. We’ll tell you exactly what our costs are once we know what they are. You will only be charged for services you receive.

Contacting us

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Can I still contact Riverside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
Yes, but we anticipate a high volume of calls at this time and that, coupled with potential sickness amongst staff, may lead to longer than usual waiting times. So, please be patient and we will do our best to assist as soon as possible.

You could help us manage this by using our contact us page to find the information you need or by signing up to My Riverside.

I’m a member of Riverside Customer Voice and iCommunity. Are they affected?
All Riverside Customer Voice and Riverside Customer Voice Executive (RCVE) in person activities have been postponed, instead the RCVE are using online methods to keep in touch with customers and Riverside. They are continuing to chair meetings, engage in consultations, convene complaint panels, host Facebook live Q&A sessions and finalise the Scrutiny Working Project started before Coronavirus.

Find the latest meeting highlights and other information on our Get Involved page, and make your voice heard on Riverside services by joining our digital Voice iCommunity.

Follow us on RCVE Facebook page and @VoiceRiverside for real time information and updates.

I’ve been in touch with Riverside to make a complaint about the service, will this still be looked into?
We are still continuing to investigate complaints in line with our procedure wherever possible and we will agree any actions and timescales based on your complaint query when we speak to you. We may need to put on hold some cases where we would need to carry out work but due to the current service provided we are unable to complete the work, we’ll discuss this with you when we contact you.


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