Wirral woman banned from keeping pets at property

A Wirral woman has been banned from keeping pets at her flat and ordered to not cause a nuisance to neighbours after being taken to court by her housing association.

The tenant, of Rockybank Road in Birkenhead, breached her tenancy agreement by keeping two dogs in the property, which disturbed other residents with their barking and left staff and neighbours feeling intimidated.

The dogs were owned by her partner who often stayed overnight at the flat.

Over three years, housing association Riverside received numerous complaints from residents about the dogs barking, as well as noise caused by the couple banging and arguing.

The occupant has lived in the flat since 2005, and no pets are allowed in the property unless prior permission is given by Riverside.

She didn’t attend the court hearing at Birkenhead County Court, and was ordered to pay £308 in costs.

Carol Furlani, Riverside’s Enforcement Officer, said: “Neighbours complained to us about the noise from the dogs, as well the loud noise made by the couple at the property.

“This issue had been going on for three years before going to court. We contacted the tenant about the complaints and she repeatedly admitted the dogs were at the property. On many occasions she gave us reassurances that the dogs would not return.

“We tried numerous times to resolve the issues with her before taking legal action. Despite several warnings the defendant continued to breach the tenancy, causing anti-social behaviour by allowing the dogs at the property. The level of noise caused a disturbance that affected the peace and quiet of the other residents.

“We will always take action to tackle anti-social behaviour and our customers should be able to live peacefully and happily in their homes, without nuisance being caused by their neighbours.”

The injunction is in place until 2 July next year.

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