Garden House / 56 High Street

Here is some key information for customers about what we’re doing at Garden House following our fire risk assessment.

We’re now approaching the point of being able to start works to fix cladding-related issues at two buildings in Central Manchester. Customers can check out our latest updates on each building below and contact us via the link at the bottom of the page.

Latest update – 22 November

We now have significant updates on progress for both High Street and Garden House. Please read the updates carefully and, if you have any questions, contact us via the email address at the bottom of the page.

56 High Street

We now have a proposed design solution, price and specification agreed for the remedial works that need to take place and we have agreed to fund the project and seek to recover costs later in order to prevent further delays.

So, subject to the mobilisation of contractors and resolving a planning issue with an adjacent building, we will be able to get started with works soon.

Subject to weather and other factors that could affect the schedule of works, the plan is as follows:


  • November: We’ll be setting up the work site around the building including materials storage areas and fencing to keep you and pedestrians safe. We’ll also begin to scaffold the front and rear elevations of the building.
  • December: We’ll finalise the remainder of scaffolding and pause work over the Christmas period to minimise disruption to customers over the festive period.


  • January: We’ll begin our initial remediation work on Level 7 and, once complete, move on to Level 6
  • February: We’ll complete our initial remediation work on levels 6, 5 and 4.
  • March: We’ll start and complete our initial remediation work on levels 3 and 2.
  • April: We’ll start and complete our initial remediation work on level 1 then begin the final finishing work on Level 7 and begin work on Level 6.
  • May: We’ll begin and complete our final finishing work on levels 6 and 5 and start final work on Level 4.
  • June: We’ll finalise work on levels 4 and 3 and start final work on level 2.
  • July: We’ll finalise work on level 2 and 1 and begin the final fire barrier installation.
  • September: We’ll complete the final fire barrier installation, remove the scaffolding, and finalise the work.

We wrote to all customers at 56 High Street in August to provide a detailed update and invite you to a meeting. Following on from that, on October 16, we have now sent out a letter, noting the issues raised at that meeting and the actions we’re taking to resolve them. You can read that letter here.

If you want to sell your property, re-mortgage, or get a valuation, we appreciate that this situation makes it more complicated. We hold a B2 EWS1 certificate which is available at the bottom of the page and are also happy to assist with any enquiries.

While we can’t guarantee a lender will agree to lend to an individual homebuyer because of the many factors involved in their decision, we’ve been advised that most lenders will accept the certificate and remedial proposals to help guide their decision.

Garden House

We have a proposed design solution, price, and specification for the works. This had been shared with the original developer of the building, Muse Developments, for their approval and we were working to come to an agreement with them and they have agreed to fund the works, under some conditions. As part of the agreement to do so, they have asked us to consult with the owners of the properties within the building to seek agreement with the works that are proposed. They effectively wish to be indemnified against any future legal action providing they complete the works according to the specifications we have given. We believe that, given that we’re sure that the proposed works are right for the building, this is a reasonable proposal and is fairly standard in cases of this type. For this work to move towards getting started, we need to consult you on Muse’s proposal soon. We’ll contact you directly by phone over the coming weeks to discuss the matter and, once we have a final proposal, will share a consultation document with you. Please do your best to answer when we call or return any calls as soon as possible.

Our Building Safety team are also holding an online meeting for customers during which you can raise any issues. It will take place on 29 November at 6pm until 7pm via Microsoft Teams. If you wish to attend, please email [email protected] and she will forward an invite.


About Garden House

The premises are known as 101-604 The Garden House (114 High Street Manchester M4 1HQ). This is a seven storey purpose-built city centre block of apartments comprising of 47 dwellings distributed over six floors. With the exception of the entrance foyer, lift enclosure, plant and cleaners’ rooms, the ground floor is occupied exclusively by commercial premises

About High Street

The premises are known as 1–33, 56 High Street Manchester M4 1ED. This eight storey purpose built mid-terraced city centre block comprises of 33 flats and a commercial unit on the ground floor.


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