Ladders of Aspiration – Funding to help you reach your goals

We’re really excited to be celebrating our 90th birthday this year. Having reached such a fine age we’re doing lots of things to celebrate this landmark year – including our Ladders of Aspiration scheme.

The Ladders of Aspiration scheme is a way for us to help you achieve an educational or professional goal to assist your move into employment. Is there something you have always dreamed of doing to boost your potential, but haven’t had the resources to do so? This scheme is designed to do just that – to help you realise a dream.

If your application is successful the scheme will help you with costs towards professional courses, training opportunities and other costs such as childcare, course materials and transport.

This scheme is a way for us to help you achieve an educational or professional goal by paying for courses, training opportunities or other associated costs to help you find a job.

The grant can also be used for supporting the development of a new business. This would include making sure you have completed all the necessary professional accreditations such as a health and safety course.

A number of customers have already had their applications approved – for aspirations ranging from cake making to a professional business qualification. 

An Employment & Training Project Officer will not only support you through the application process, but also during the course and help you to find a job when you have your new qualification.

Who can apply?

This scheme is open to you as a Riverside customer. It’s also open to your adult children if they live with you. You must be registered with our Employment and Training service. This service provides advice and help in finding employment. 

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this scheme, please contact our Customer Service Centre and they will refer you to the Employment and Training service who will advise you and help you to apply. 

Please note that the number of grants for the Ladders of Aspiration scheme is limited, therefore we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be successful.