National Apprenticeship Week 2021: Young customer joins Evolve on an apprenticeship through the support of Riverside’s Employment and Training service.

Riverside’s Employment and Training team help a young customer get an apprenticeship as a painter and decorator with their repairs and maintenance partners Evolve.

Aidan Pitcher aged 18 from South Shields, Tyneside, was one of two young people to apply for the apprenticeship vacancy with Evolve.   He previously had an apprenticeship with a local tiling company for three months, but due to Covid-19 pandemic the business closed down. Aidan was really keen to try to get another apprenticeship in the construction industry so he contacted Riverside’s Employment and Training service to see what opportunities were available.

Christine Bryon-Arnold, Riverside’s Employment and Training Officer spoke with Aidan, providing him with the information on the apprenticeship and also assess whether he met the criteria. Christine felt he was well suited for the role, she said: “I was able to support Aidan to put together a CV which was required for the application.  I knew he had commitment and determination because of his previous apprenticeship.”

Aidan was successful in securing an interview and Christine was able to support him to prepare for this.  Aidan prepared well and took everything on board, and as a result he started with Evolve in December. As well as the apprenticeship knowledge and experience, Aidan also has the opportunity to develop his English and Maths skills – providing him with a good foundation for long term career prospects.

Aidan said: “I’m really grateful to be given the chance of this apprenticeship. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing.  My confidence has grown and learning a new trade will set me up for the future.”

Christine is so pleased with Aidan’s success she said:  “It has been a pleasure to work with a young man who is so motivated and who is willing to take advice and support.”

Riverside’s Employment and Training Service work with different partners across the country to look for opportunities for work and training for their customers. Get in touch today to find out more.