Our new tracking service for repairs

Similar to services like Amazon, Deliveroo and Uber, we’ve launched a new tracking feature for our repairs service.

It’s part of our Customer Plan and our commitment to improving our services based on your feedback.

This new feature will come in an additional SMS message on the day of your appointment, with an accurate arrival time and a link to a map. You can use the map to track our operative on a map as they travel to your home for a repair appointment.

You’ll also be able to contact them before they arrive, in case you need to pop out for a few minutes.

After your appointment, we’ll ask for feedback on the repair, the service you received from us and this new feature.

We’ve been working closely with customers and the Riverside Customer Voice Executive over the last few months to pilot and test this feature, before launch. So do let us know what you think of it, as any feedback we receive will be used to shape and improve it.