Rutland House

Here is some key information for customers about what we’re doing at Rutland House following our fire risk assessment.

We’re working to resolve some building issues we’ve identified at Rutland House, Derby

There are several issues at the building in addition to the external wall issue we told you about in February 2023. Below is some key information about these issues, what we’re doing to resolve them and how it will impact you. If you live or own a home in Rutland House, you do not need to do anything; we’ll be in touch with regular updates via this webpage.

This page was last updated on 19 October 2023.

The issues

Fire safety
In 2022, we carried out a fire risk assessment of the building. This found that the insulation materials used in the external walls of the building do not meet fire safety standards. The risk is low but, to provide an additional level of safety, we have now changed the fire detection system in common areas and apartments. The fire strategy has also changed to simultaneous evacuation. Full details of what to do in the event of a fire are displayed throughout the building.

Roof replacement 
In March 2022, we received reports of a roof leak. Our investigation revealed a fault with surface water drainage and the waterproofing membrane, which we now believe means the building needs a partial roof replacement. We need to formally consult with you about the works and the contractor we propose to carry them out. This is called a Section 20 consultation. We’ve sent customers a first phase consultation letter earlier this year and in October 2023, we sent a second phase letter to confirm our intentions to appoint a contractor. Once the consultation period has been completed, we will be able to progress the work further.

Gas safety
We appointed a company called Morgan & Lambert to carry out a gas safety inspection of the building. This revealed the need for some minor works to replace some piping and ventilation components. We have now received quotation for the gas safety works. We are looking into if the options available will satisfy the requirements of the safety report and what will cause the least disruption.

We appointed McIntyre Compliance Services to carry out a survey of the ventilation system in the building. This identified that the smoke ventilation system was not configured correctly and that some minor works are required to fix it. To fix this, we have now installed a new system and this work is complete.

Fire in the car park
A car caught fire in the under-croft car park on Saturday 27 May causing an evacuation. There was some smoke damage, and the roller shutter was broken. We quickly removed the car and instructed contractors to jet wash the car park area and replace the damaged lighting. We recently replaced the car park roller shutter but unfortunately it has been damaged in a car accident. Contractors have now inspected and quoted to repair it and this will be resolved soon.

Selling your property
As you may be aware some mortgage lenders have been reluctant to lend on properties with cladding issues, making it difficult for leaseholders to sell their homes. However, earlier this year, several UK lenders announced that they are now willing to lend on properties with a B2 rating if a detailed remediation plan, that includes timescales, is provided. We are confident that we will be able to provide this if required by a potential lender. We will work closely with lenders to support any prospective buyers applying for a mortgage on your home. If you are thinking of selling your home, please contact the Resales Team via [email protected].

How we will communicate with you

We understand that you will be concerned about the issues in Rutland House and that you may have questions. We promise to communicate with you proactively, regularly, and clearly throughout the programme of works to fix the building and will use this page to keep you updated. We will update it whenever there is something important to tell you.

Still have a question?

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