Starts at Home 2023 – Middlesbrough

In September 2022, we had a client move into Stages Academy – our scheme that offers trial flats for the most vulnerable and socially excluded homeless people in Middlesbrough, Cleveland. 

When she arrived, her behaviour was quite erratic. She was using drugs and engaging in sex work. 

After a few weeks she settled down and started to engage with staff. We managed to get her to engage with Recovery Connections to address her drug use. 

This eventually led to her stopping sex work. With support from Recovery Solutions, she secured a place in rehab in Liverpool. 

Whilst waiting for her place in rehab her mum became very ill and passed away. We were very worried that this would lead her back into her old ways of coping. 

Fortunately, with extra support from staff and recovery solutions she stayed on her path towards her goal of been drug free. 

On the 7th of July 2023, she got her place at rehab. 

Before leaving Stages Academy she said that she was proud of herself for sticking to her long-term plan and that she wanted to ‘make her mam proud’. 

She also thanked all the staff for being there for her, encouraging her and believing in her. 

From Karen Wilson, Support Worker