Customer Voice – your opinions count

Every person who holds a tenancy or a leaseholders agreement with Riverside is a member of Riverside Customer Voice.  

The work of Riverside Customer Voice is led by an executive group that we consult with to get your views heard and make changes to our policies and procedures. The executive has customer representatives from across all our services and they help us to scrutinise, evaluate and inspect services.

Here’s some of the executives who represent you and why they are involved.

“I am able to express freely and fairly my views as well as those of other tenants and residents, and I am proud to be an Equality and Diversity LGBT tenant champion.”


“I can honestly say that Riverside has helped to transform my life and I am happy to be a part of the Riverside Customer Voice Executive where we work to look to the future for all customers, helping to revitalise communities that we represent.”


“I became involved because I wanted to give something back to my community and make a difference.  As a new member everyone was welcoming and the experience I am gaining is helping me to help other customers have their voice and improve their own communities.”


If you want to help make a difference, get your views across and work to make changes, contact us to speak to our Customer Involvement Team or visit our Customer Voice page.

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